This cookies are the flawlessly chewy, chocolatey, ooey gooey, and hit the spot when you’ve got a candy tooth. They’re a need to have on wet days, but, there’s nothing better than an ice cold glass of milk with fresh home made cookies in the summer time. Eaten alone or topped with ice cream, home made cookies can’t be beat! Looking for the exceptional chocolate chip cookies EVER? You’re within the right vicinity. These cookies are BIG, tender, chewy, and may’t be beat.


A very thick Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookie featuring a golden brown edge with a centre filled with warm chocolate. This clean recipe may be made LESS than half-hour! In fact, they handiest bake for 6-eight mins. The odor of freshly baked cookies simply fills your house with the most mouth watering aroma ever. Chewy, soft, and filled with just melted chocolate chips.

Sugar: We use white granulated sugar and brown sugar .
Butter:1 stick of bloodless butter (no want to allow the butter come to room temp!).
Egg: Just one egg (can replacement this for 1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce).
Vanilla: Vanilla is the taste booster in cookies.
Baking Soda: Helps keep home made cookies smooth and gentle.
Corn Starch: Makes cookies full and thick.
Salt: All baked items need salt, it helps balance the beauty.
Chocolate Chips:– 1 FULL bag of chocolate chips. Yes, you can use much less… however why?
Flour: I used all cause for this recipe.


  • Do Not Over Mix the Dough – Over mixing will result in dry, crumbly and difficult cookie
  • Do Not Over Bake Them – I bake mine at a high temp and for only 6 mins. They hold to cook dinner at the same time as they cool however you could nonetheless consume them before they’re fully cooled  for the softest cookies EVER! 😊